Governance, Leadership & Management Department

Governance, Leadership & Management Department / GLD

Strategic Foresight Department/ SFD

The Department of Governance, Management and Leadership (GML) collaborates with an international network of professors, experts in Management, Governance and Leadership. The activities of the Department of GML are in line with its objectives based on different types of work and new concepts of management, and education of new governance and leadership elements. Through the organization of meetings and the participation in seminars, the department is actively involved in the international debate on various topics of Governance and seeks to analyze the methods and doctrines in the countries of the European Union and in the United States, the latter being the source of many strategic and geopolitical concepts in the Middle East. The Department Governance, Management and Leadership also organizes various specialized training sessions to sensitize and train policy makers and senior managers of public and private institutions. The department will continue its active involvement in training, paying special attention to the quality of the training received by PhD candidates to prepare their research on field. The Department of Governance, Management and Leadership conducts research and analytical reports in the field of governance. The Department intends to establish partnership with private and public institutions to conduct analytical and prospective reports.

Strategic Foresight Department
The Objectives

The main objectives of the Department of GML  can be summarized as follow:

– Teaching of the methodology of Governance, Management and Leadership,

– Accomplishment of research projects and prospective reports,

– Editing and publication of research work of Governance, Management and Leadership – Cooperation with academics and international experts,

– Networking professors and researchers of the Department for members to exchange information and opinions, as well as new theories in the three mentioned areas.

– Organization of conferences, seminars, symposium and other public events, whose objective would be the contribution to the influence of management studies,

– Development and expansion of cooperation in the field of basic research,

– Promoting the mobility of researchers and the free flow of ideas and information,

– Establishing academic partnership with international public and private institutions and research centers, think tanks, dedicated to Governance, Management and Leadership.