MG University Advantages

The main advantage which distinguishes MGU from other universities is our program and Educational Concepts based on new methodology (theoretical and practical) in the fields of Governance, Strategic foresight, languages, accreditation and consulting. This approach and originality in the field of higher education and specialized training offered to students in humanities.

MGU offers specialized training in foreign languages that focus on the learning method and contribute to the personal and professional success of our students. The program of specialized training has been prepared in different language such as French and English.

MGU courses and programs are presented in different languages.

MGU has its own educational material for each discipline which allows students to learn quickly and efficiently. The educational materials are specific and adapted to different levels and are written and prepared by our experienced professors and researchers.  

MGU offers personalized and advantageous services to publish research work such as master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation in Paris, London and New York on different languages. MGU participates and funds the best research work carried out by international researchers and students and Ph.D. students in the fields of human sciences in order to publish them in Europe. MGU also takes care of all the expenses of the publication of the research of the winners of the ICOM annual prize.

A great advantage of MGU is its offers of targeted and specialized courses and modules in addition to the main courses, which allow the achievement of concrete results.

To allow everyone to attend training in the field of their choice, the MGU organizes specialized training within the framework of its “Portal”.