Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight Department / SFD

Strategic Foresight Department/ SFD

Recognizing the status of prospective analysis and strategic studies and given the importance of strategic foresight studies, as one of the pillars of our academic activities, MGU, founded a department of strategic foresight. This department aims to promote the foresight and future studies in various fields especially in the areas of prospective and personal management. The Department of Strategic Foresight includes, within an international network of foresight and strategic studies experts, those who have the foresight about their research, their publications or teaching. He has what it takes to play a vital role in the strategic and prospective analysis in the conduct of business arising, taking into account changes in the strategic environment. The department also wants to become a center for meetings and exchanges, inviting representatives of organizations and academic centers for strategic and prospective research. It also develops information by promoting the publication of books relating to foresight and strategic thinking and dissemination of studies on strategic issues in Europe and the Middle East. Through the organization of meetings or participation in seminars, the Department actively participates in international policy debate on various topics and seeks to analyze and debate the evolving strategic doctrines in the countries of the European Union and the United States, the latter being the source of many strategic and geopolitical concepts in the Middle East . Analysis of the Department of Strategic Foresight in strategic and prospective areas rely on different types of work as well as new concepts of the economy to international relations, understanding and education, the training of new geopolitical and strategic elements . This department can showcase and debate research findings of several researchers and teams of international experts. These research results that can contribute to define a theory of action will also be presented in conferences. It will in particular to review the situation that characterizes current knowledge on various aspects such as security, sustainable development and surround.

Strategic Foresight Department

The Objectives

The main objective of the Department of Strategic Foresight can be summarized as follows: – Teaching methodology of strategic foresight , – Projects carried out extensive research, projective and prospective reports – Editing and publication of research work of futurists and experts in international relations and strategy – Cooperation with all university researchers and international experts , – Networking teachers and researchers of the Department of Foresight Strategic for members to exchange information and opinions, – Organization of conferences, seminars, conferences and other public events with the objective contribution to radiation strategic and prospective studies Development and expansion of cooperation in the fields of basic research, Promotion of mobility of researchers and the free flow of ideas and information. – Promoting the mobility of researchers and the change of ideas and information. – One of the objectives of this department is to establish contacts with international public and private institutions and research centers, Think Tanks, specializing in international relations, geopolitics and political science. SFD also organizes various specialized training sessions to sensitize and educate decision-makers and executives of public and private institutions.SFD sees its contribution to the research training of young PhD students as one of its essential tasks, conducted in close relationship with the graduate schools which will be partner. It will continue its active involvement in training activities, paying attention to the quality of prepared research and, more generally, the quality of the training received by the PhD students and preparing their employability and their research on the field.  Organization of seminars, conferences and workshops The organization of conferences, roundtables and workshops especially prospective analysis is part of the activities of Department tables.  Publication In 2019, Department has prepared its own electronic Journal, FUTURAL (PDF version) publishing research of young researchers. This multidisciplinary journal in French and English will be devoted to prospective studies.