About MGU

Methodologica Governance University is the first private university in France entirely devoted to theoretical and applied methodology in humanities, Governance and Strategic foresight.
Methodologica Governance University was founded in Paris in November 2007 and registered as a Private higher educational institution at the Rector of the Academy of Paris under n° 18-03. MG University is also registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the RCS number 500 818 950 and as a training under the activity number 117 548 545 75. The University is also registered as a higher educational institution at INSEE (Directory of Companies and institutions). The Methodologica Governance University is located in Paris. The private university institution with its Departments for Governance/Leadership, Methodology and Strategic foresight offers a wide range of academic single and full course programs.
The MGU is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary higher educational institution. We offer various innovative programs and qualifications by way of modern forms and methods of learning together with our international partner universities. This means international students have a high grade of flexibility to combine studying and their professional career. We focus systematically on each organization or student’s needs and requirements.
At the outset, Methodologica Governance University pursues two specific objectives for its development and organization. The promotion and development of distance education in the field of Methodology, Governance, Strategic Foresight and Languages.
Methodologica Governance University educational and pedagogical program is based on the following basic principles:
– Providing higher education on methodology,
– Using an appropriate method and bilingual pedagogical material to ensure the success of students,
– Providing workshops to obtain concrete results through activities,
– Providing multidisciplinary training to enhance participants’ knowledge of topics in the field of social sciences and humanities,
– Using specific materials edited and textbooks are prepared by the Methodologica Governance University research team.