Academic Coaching Services

Academic Coaching Services

Academic coaching, the best way to succeed Methodologica Governance University offers a flexible coaching and specific program that allows students to work with coaches in creating measurable plans to achieve their academic goals .

Our Academic Coaching program provides also organizational assistance and educational coaching specifically set up to help students to improve their academic performance. Academic Coaching is available for all students who are attending the university.

Academic Coaching focuses on the process of individual learning. With our Academic Coaching program, students observe their learning styles, practice of working, and difficulties or barriers to success. So the aim is to work together to build a structure and develop valuables strategies.

The Academic Coaching at Methodologica Governance University is helping students to understand how achieve an academic work. With Academic Coaching services, students can also be given some assistance to improve their study and research skills, such as: reading with a better comprehension, developing writing abilities, taking notes, reviewing and analyzing these notes, exam preparation and research organization.

Our academic coaches teach how to use a “strategic thinking” for problem solving. This step is crucial for any academic research to identify the problematic. The coach helps students to design strategies customized to a specific situation.

Therefore Methodologica Governance University’ Academic coaching is a range of complete services for students who are willing to improve their academic and self-management research’s skills, such as time management, organization, writing and oral presentation. The content and structure of each individual coaching depends on the needs of the student in relation with his academic project. All students enrolled in an academic institution such as university, high school or specialized institution can sign up for this Academic coaching’s program.

Academic coaches at Methodologica Governance University can also recommend some academic workshops for students groups focusing on these subjects for PhD students:

Clarify the research interests and domain,

Choose an original subject as the dissertation topic,

Define the research topic,

Build a structure and method,

Develop a specific methodology,

Prepare the academic proposal,

Research for resources,

Methodological edit and review,

Language editing review.

The Academic Coaching Team (ACT) gathers instructors and advisers with whom students can search for resources, question, discussions, thoughts, and learn from and with them.