This section provides information about identifying and accessing theses completed in the MG University and worldwide in fields of Methodology, Governance (Leadership), Management, strategic foresight.
Each year Ph.D. students, graduates of universities, and university institutes around the world refer to the section specifically devoted to international theses of MG University. In this case, this section gives the opportunity to Ph.D. students and alumni to make known their research work to research institutions and international companies (public and private institutions and companies).
We note that the E-Thesis part is a means of promoting academic and professional and international collaboration.
For this reason, you can send your thesis, your dissertation, your academic and professional research, your innovative proposal in the fields of Methodology, Governance (Leadership), Management, strategic foresight, and Languages.
E-thesis will be a platform and an efficient way to promote your research and experiences. Consequently, your fields of competence, your innovative ideas, your professional proposals, and your projects to start a Startup, will be at the disposal of the universities and the companies which they are looking for possible competent collaborators. You can also find partners and investors for your project.
For theses completed at MG University
MGU E-Thesis
We offer full-text online access to e-Thesis and e-Dissertation
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