French Culinary Language

French Culinary Language; Manual for learning French languages applied to French gastronomy
To meet the learning will of French applied to French gastronomy and given the need for a new proven and practical method, we decided to make it available to all who wish to learn French applied the French gastronomy, a method we teach since 2007 at MGU, Graduate School of the Methodology of the Humanities. With this method, many have learned daily French in only a few months and the considerable progress they have achieved has encouraged us to publish this book with courses ranging from A1 to B2 with a practical grammar without entering into the technical detail.
Thus by publishing this book we wanted to offer a practical manual without addressing the technical and linguistic aspects of the language. As the book’s name suggests, we presented an original method with a methodology in terms of innovation taking into consideration the practical difficulties of the language sometimes using an English translation.