International services

International services

We cooperate with partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

MGUniversity engages with partners worldwide in collaboration that results in student and staff exchanges, curriculum cooperation, double degree programs as well as research and development projects. Every student has an opportunity to study or work abroad and participate in international projects. If you wish to know more about MGUniversity´s international engagement, please contact International Services. This service is available for students requesting accompaniment as part of their course or an auxiliary module during their studies at a European university.

This academic accompaniment may be used by students or independent researchers. Thus this service provides a series of theoretical and practical courses as well as academic advice on research methodology.  In addition, other services such as translation or proof-reading of text or dissertation are also available to students.

This service can be summarized as follow:

  • Academic counseling
  • Assistance on the university course selection
  • Courses on French or English as a Foreign Language at University
  • Course methodology in humanities
  • Academic accompaniment and evaluation

You are going to undertake or continue studies at a French university and you wish to acquire a basis in methodology in a humanities discipline?

You are a student in Bachelor, Master 1 or Master 2, or PhD and you are preparing your memory, internship report or dissertation and you need advice for your writing in French?

You are a non-francophone student registered at a university or a higher education institution in France or in a French-speaking country?

Methodologica Governance University can help you in your academic career. We have developed specific services for students to enable them to improve their writing and their academic success. Contact us now!