MGU Advantages

The main advantage which distinguishes us from other higher education institutions, is our program and organization entirely dedicated to the methodology (theoretical and practical), Governance et particular the strategic foresight.

This is both a singularity and originality in the field of higher education and specialized training offered to students in different areas.

– The courses of our school are offered on our remote teaching portal (MOODLE) in several languages based on new methods.

 – Methodologica Governance University offers specialized trainings in governance that focus on the learning method and contributes to personal and professional success of the participants.

-The program of specialized trainings has been prepared in different language such as: French, English, Spanish, and Persian.

– MGU has the ability to customize its programs for both organizations and participants to ensure the success of its projects.

– MGU benefits from professors and international experts at the international level

– MGU provides participants with an international network so that they can practice their Know-how and experience in the professional world

– MGU gives a chance to develop an independent professional style applying new methods and adapted program

– Academic and professional advisory provided to our students or participants to achieve their academic and professional goals

– The alumni community of graduated in our university is a real professional and academic network. The students of MGU have already launched their own projects among themselves and with the help of MGU’s professors and experts.