MGUnivirtual Portal

Based on this concept of an innovation system of education, Methodologica Governance University has devoted a large part of its program in distance learning through its platform with collaboration with the MOODLE . The MGU website offers direct access to MGUNIVIRTUAL via a specific portal allowing all students to access the different courses and modules. The courses accessible via this portal are available in French, English, Spanish, and Persian depending on the language of the course chosen. Other languages will be added as and when. In addition to the courses, the MGUNIVIRTUAL portal includes educational resources such as a virtual library and additional resources specific to each course.
The MGU’s portal allowing access to different types of courses and modules for all students and participants. Courses available through the PORTAL are French, English. Other languages will be added as needed.
MGUNIVIRTUAL has five means for distance education and you can make changes on multiple access points simultaneously to all of the programs