MGU’s Courses

MGU's Courses

Methodologica Governance University has defined its activities in the field of education based on the following:

The development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies,

The establishment of specialized courses focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects,

The organization of applied and practical training for graduates and professionals,

The establishment of specialized courses ,

The use of different types of distance and blended learning.

Methodologica Governance University has a focused and practical vision at all level of its activities:

Preparation; courses and training specially designed with the intention of preparing students and professionals in the field of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight. These preparation courses are also addressed to researchers or those who are about to start their professional career.

Support; courses specially designed for academic and professionals. This approach aims to support participants after their initial training.

Interactivity; MGU’s program is based on the concept of interactivity through different means of distance learning and practical exercises involving somehow the development of personal and professional projects.