Parlons Persan

This book is a practical manual for those wishing to learn Persian, and presents a method taught since 2007 within Methodologica Governance University, which has already given successful results. What distinguishes this book from other Persian language methods is its practice method that gives amazing results in a short time.
This method has been taught to many students at all levels and all learned Persian in just a few months and has gained a very good oral and written level.
These people have learned Persian and used it in their daily lives, at work, with their family, during their trip to Persian countries (Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan) or even for their academic studies of Iranian language and civilization.   
  In reality, the primary motivation for the book was to provide francophones who want to learn Persian and who have no prior knowledge, a practical manual that can accompany them step by step in their learning process starting from a complete beginner level and reach an advanced level of the language.

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