President message

President Message

We are living in a particularly complicated period that puts us face to face with unprecedented challenges. The socio-political and economic developments are both profound, rapid with unforeseeable and very wide-ranging impacts.
In the face of these challenges, the crisis management, strategic foresight and governance have become very important matters in strategic management. However, in the face of the future, which is sometimes closer than expected, particular attention should be given to strategic foresight. Then we must both enrich the doctrinal basis of governance theories and strategic foresight, and above all, we must apply a practical methodology for these two disciplines.
One of the ways which protects us from the global danger is developing a suitable, realistic, pioneer and solid methodology in the areas of governance and strategic foresight. We have tried since 2007 to focus on various theories of methodology and teach them in Paris. In keeping with the theoretical evolutions and the new international stakes, we decided that the tenth Anniversary of the foundation of Methodologica should be associated with a major change and modification in both the concept and the program of our school.
Thus, Methodologica, as the first graduate school of methodology, became the first European school entirely devoted to three main axes: methodology; governance and strategic foresight. This triangle with a new organizational approach and new programs with original and customized methods was tailored to the stakes with practical goals.
Our practical approach has resulted in original programs such as: European Master Classes or Expert Workshops, and economic forums based on new concepts and practical methodology of economic governance.
Under a new name; Methodologica Governance University (MGU), our activities are organized in France and abroad. According to the importance of a challenge, a national and regional crisis or even global challenges, MGU intervenes in order to try to clarify and analyze the problem. In this respect, our school, gives specially importance to strategic foresight. We believe that the mix of methodology, governance and strategic foresight has even more chance for strategic management at all scales.
Another new approach of MGU was the launch of a portal for distance learning. Indeed, we use MOODLE’s international portal for our theoretical and even distance-learning courses. Now our professors and experts put their courses on our portal which are available in different languages. For all of us at Methodologica Governance University, 2017 represents a big step forward in the development of distance learning in methodology.
In addition, we have created ITEC (International Team for Economic Consulting) which is the branch of consulting and services of economic analysis for our projects in the world. Finally, in the interest of the development of methodology, MGU, created ECSOC (European Center of Standardization and Certification) which delivers certificates of methodological standard in different fields. By issuing ESOM (European Certificate of Methodology) our school is trying to improve the methodological levels in the field of academic events, teaching, publication and personal and professional competence.
To achieve all these projects, MGU needs the contribution and collaboration of individual experts as well as public and private institutions, interested in methodology, governance and strategic prospects.
I invite all those who believe in the creation of new practical methods to find solutions to problems and challenges in the hope of creating a better world.