Rules & procedures


Methodologica Governance University is a private graduate school and is headquartered at 279 Rue de Vaugirard 75015, Paris. Methodologica Governance University is a limited company registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Paris and declared as a training center under the declaration activity number 11754854575 at the Prefecture of the Île-de-France. This Charter is intended to clarify certain provisions applying to all registered participants in the various training programs organized by Methodologica Governance University in order to allow smooth operation of the proposed facilities.

    Article 1

General provision

In accordance with Articles L. 6352-3 and seq R 6352-1 and seq of the Labor Code, the present Rules is to define the general and permanent rules and clarify the rules on health and safety and regulations relating to discipline, including sanctions for participants and rights thereof in case of sanction.

    Article 2

Persons concerned

This regulation applies to all participants and students enrolled in classes organized by Methodologica Governance University for the duration of the training. Each participant and student is considered to have accepted the terms of these Regulations once the training starts and agrees that action be taken against him for non-compliance of the latter.

    Article 3

General conditions

Every trainee must comply with these rules in all matters relating to the enforcement of hygiene and security, as well as the general and permanent rules relating to discipline.

    Article 4

General hygiene and safety rules

Each participant must ensure his personal safety and that of others with respect to the general and special instructions on safety and hygiene regulations onsite.

    Article 5

Dress and behaviour

Participants are invited to come to the training site in decent clothing and have proper behaviour with respect to any person present.

    Article 6

Alcoholic beverages

Participants are prohibited from entering or stay onsite while drunk and to introduce alcoholic beverages.

    Article 7


Any accident or incident occurring during the training must be immediately reported by the participant or injured people who witnessed the accident to the responsible of the training organization.

In accordance with Article R. 6342-3 of the Labour Code, the accident occurred while the participant is on the training ground or while he goes there or back, is the subject of a declaration by the head of the training organization to the social security fund.

    Article 8

No Smoking

Pursuant to Decree No. 2006 – 1386 of 15 November 2006 establishing the conditions for implementation of the ban on smoking in places intended for public use, it is forbidden to smoke in the premises of training site.

    Article 9

Kept in good condition of equipment

Each participant is required to maintain in good condition the equipment and teaching materials entrusted to his training. Participants are required to use the equipment for its intended purpose: the use of the material for other purposes, including personal use is prohibited.

    Article 10

Access to training

Our courses are open to adults. The participant agrees to be over 18 years of age at the time of pre-registration and regardless of their chosen course. No exceptions are allowed on this provision.  

The organizer reserves the right to deny access to training.  

Participants must comply with the rules of the Methodologica Governance University .

    Article 11

Timetable – Absence or delay

Training schedules are set by Methodologica Governance University and brought to the attention of participants during the presentation of the training program. Participants are required to meet these training schedules under penalty of the following provisions:  

– If case of absence or late for class, students must notify the teacher or Methodologica Governance University ‘s secretariat.  

– In addition, participants are required to complete and sign the attendance list.  

– A class session consists of 55 minutes of instruction without a break.  

– Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons.  

– In case of delay of the participant schedules of the course will be respected and the course ends depending on the program on time.  

– Absences or delays from participant does not justify an additional session for missed classes. Thus, a participant who has missed one or more courses may not seek reimbursement or additional courses.  

– Participants must comply with the changes made by Methodologica Governance University on the training timetable.

    Article 12

Access to the premises of the organization

Participants have access to the premises only to attend the training to which they are registered. They can not enter or remain for other purposes without permission of the management. They are not allowed to be accompanied by people who are not enrolled in the course (family members, friends …), to introduce an animal on the premises, even very small, causing disorder.

    Article 13

Planning of classes

– The course schedule is made ​​known to all participants at the first class.  

– Classes are held continuously and without interruption during the school holidays.  

– The schedule will not be modified because of the absence of one or more participants. However, if one or more students stop the training and there is only a few participants remaining, Methodologica Governance University has the ability to change the schedule or merge the group with another group.  

– Participants agree to respect the schedule for the duration of the training.  

– Only in the exceptional incapacity for a teacher or if the premises are unavailable, the class may be postponed .

    Article 14

Recording of classes

Audio or video recording of the course is not allowed and the courses are part of the intellectual property of Methodologica Governance University . In case of recording by a student of some of the courses, Methodologica Governance University will be able to immediately terminate the participation of the participant for the rest of the training.

    Article 15

Training materials

teaching materials are the property of Methodologica Governance University and may not be distributed by the participants.  

No changes will be made to educational materials on request of participants.

    Article 16

Correction exercises

Teachers provide educational guidance to participants and correct exercises planned during class. So no duty or exercise that has not been included in the training program will be corrected by teachers.

    Article 17


Teachers whose names appear in the program of training can be replaced at any moment by other teachers chosen by Methodologica Governance University . No teacher change can take place at the request of participants.

    Article 18

Ethical aspects

Participants must respect the discretion about people attending training and those who they have come to know during their training. The personal information of participants will not be disclosed outside the training by the organizers or participants without the prior consent of the person concerned.

    Article 19

Required level

The proposed courses are open to all levels (absolute beginners included). The level of participants will be determined during a test session at the first session, written and / or oral, to offer them the most suitable training.

    Article 20


– The total registration fee includes the cost of the training as well as fees and course material.  

– An invoice and contract related to the training as well as a certificate of attendance will be delivered at the end of the training to participants.  

– Any training started is due in full and no refund will be made.  

– Methodologica Governance University ‘ management reserves the right to change the prices, dates or formulas without notice. Prices are only valid for a session.

    Article 21


Registration to a training will be final upon receipt of the completed pre-registration form signed with the words “read and approved” and full payment of the training 3 days before the start of the training.  

No suspension, postponement or cancellation of a training session can take place once the registration is final and started.  

Registration for training is only valid for the training provided and no change in training (field, level and group) can take place once the registration is complete.

    Article 22

Payment of fees for training

– Registration fees are payable by check or bank transfer to Methodologica Governance University bank account:

Société générale Paris Convention (03540)

IBAN : FR76 3000 3035 4200 0202 6413 492


– All registration fees must be paid no later than three working days before the start of the training.

    Article 23

Cancellation conditions

– All payments are final and non-refundable, regardless of the payment method and the reason for cancellation.  

– Exceptional circumstances or force majeure will be considered by Methodologica Governance University ‘ management on a case by case basis and must be duly supported by appropriate official document sent by registered mail.  

– The amount paid for a pre-registration will be credited to the prospective participant in his final entry on another session and over a period of up to six months. Beyond this time no refund will be made.  

– In case of unforeseen or incapacity relating to the organization of the training session, Methodologica Governance University reserves the right to postpone the formation and propose another date to the registrants.

    Article 24

Right of access to electronic files

– The requested information to the participant upon registration are only provided to persons or entities that are expressly authorized to know.

– Any participant may request a copy of the information and have it corrected if necessary, in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms.

    Article 25

Methodologica Governance University responsibility in case of theft or damage to property

Methodologica Governance University disclaims any liability for loss, theft or damage of personal property of any kind submitted by participants in training’s areas.

    Article 26

Sanctions and disciplinary procedures

Any act considered as offending by Methodologica Governance University ‘ management may, depending on its nature and severity, be subject to one or other of the following sanctions in ascending order of importance:  

– written warning from Methodologica Governance University ‘ management  

– Reprimand  

– Expulsion from training  

If the teacher of the training judge the behavior of a participant disrespectful and disruptive for the training, that participant will be deprived from participating in the remaining courses and no refunds will be given for courses remaining after two verbal warnings.

    Article 27


Participants certify that they have taken out an civil liability insurance, compulsory for undergo training in the premises of Methodologica Governance University .

    Article 28


This Regulation shall be displayed at the premises where the training takes place and on Methodologica Governance University ‘s website. It is applicable when it is published on Methodologica Governance University ‘s website and areas where the training takes place.

    Article 29


An assessment is made at the end of training and a certificate will be awarded to the participant specifying the level reached at the end of the training.  

This assessment is part of the training and is usually held during the last session of the training.  

The assessment consists of several parts depending on the program: oral, written, presentation, … and the terms will be explained to participants during the training.   If a participant does not attend the assessment session, therefore he will not receive the certificate at the end of the training