What is the Mandela Prize

What is the Mandela Prize?
With the goal of developing global leadership in harmony with human values and sustainable development and peace, NMPGL, rewards leaders and managers from all levels and areas around the world. This honorary award will be presented as a tribute to the outstanding achievements and contributions of 4 laureates: two females and two males who shall not be selected from the same geographic region or country.

In recognition of the humility of Nelson Mandela in leadership, the Prize awarded to each winner is a plaque engraved with an appropriate citation and a relevant quotation. The Committee for the Prize, includes at least 10 institutions of higher education and specific research in Governance, Management, and Leadership of the five continents.

Initial Idea
The initial idea of this prize and to reward the leaders of tomorrow comes from Prof. Daniel DELFANI, the president of Methodologica Governance University in Paris. the founding concept of this prize is based on strategic foresight and innovative methods that explore how to lead the world, to be in perfect harmony with the challenges of humanity in its entirety. We must rediscover the past, and the future, to better manage today. This requires the application of a new exploratory approach and a critical perception, both on the principles of leadership (governance) and on new and old issues, threatening the peace and prosperity of humanity.
The NMGLP seeks to identify and honor people who are acting—and leading—in principled ways that challenge paradigms that need to be challenged and who have the potential to inspire others to do the same.
The Prize is awarded annually to outstanding leaders in the different areas who demonstrate the willingness and capacity to address the complexity of 21st-century challenges in innovative, risk-taking, and ethical ways, and whose work is global in aspiration or implication and is rooted in universal and human values. In fact, the vision of this prize is to find the means to explore and exploit the future. As a result, our interlocutor is the leader of tomorrow, the governance of the future, and the visionary managers. One fundamental principle is that great leadership is not bound by geography or tradition or race. In practice, that means potential winners can come from any country, any discipline, any gender, and any religion. The current form and format of the NMGLP were established in 2020; however, the NMGLP began recognizing principled global leadership criteria in 2018.
The NMGLP believes that he represents the kind of visionary leadership they seek to honor with this prize, since great leaders can make a profound difference only if, like Nelson Mandela, they operate in concert with universal human values and are tireless in their efforts as well as innovative in their approaches. That said, this is not a prize for diplomats, politicians, CEO of the great companies, but an award that takes Mandela and other visionary leaders’ approach to leadership as a measure and criteria against which others can be measured.

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